In today’s session with writer Jennie Wood (Flutter, A Boy Like Me) the topic of sticking with a project is discussed. You’ll hear how Jenny drew from personal experience to craft a story that really resonates with readers and how Flutter came together. She’ll also share insight from her experience on Kickstarter and teaching comics and graphic novels in Boston.

064 – Getting Picked vs Picking Yourself

Are you spending your career waiting to get picked? Or are you choosing yourself? In this session, Tyler discusses creator reaction to the recent DC Comics Writers Talent Development Workshop, and the importance of handling disappointment with professionalism.

063 – Relaunching a Webcomic Kickstarter Campaign with Split Lip’s Sam Costello

We often hear you can learn a lot more from failure than from success… but that doesn’t make failure any easier a pill to swallow. Today’s guest, Sam Costello, however, has embraced the lessons learned from his first unsuccessful Kickstarter campaign and brainstorms relaunch strategies with Tyler on today’s session. Sam also shares hard won wisdom from 10 years of producing the webcomic Split Lip.

062 – Patreon Launch #6: Patreon for Publishers with Magnetic Press’ Mike Kennedy

Want to learn how publishers can use Patreon to build recurring revenue into their business and provide extra value to their biggest fans? In this session, Tyler talks to Mike Kennedy, publisher of the Eisner-nominated comic book and graphic novel imprint Magnetic Press. Mike is using Patreon in an innovative way, and he shares his thinking and experience on Patreon, as well as bonus tips about licensing comics.

Special Invitation: BADASS Productivity for Writers & Artists

This Wednesday night, Tyler is hosting an free online workshop called BADASS Productivity for Writers & Artists. He’ll present a simple, memorable framework to help you know what to focus on when it comes to improving your productivity. It will include loads of real examples of myself and other creators putting these principles into practice, and his top productivity tools, apps, and resources.

059 – The Struggle is Real, Creators, and Never Going Away

ComixLaunch is keeping it 100 with this session, as Tyler shares some recent creative struggles he’s facing as an independent creator… as well as the hard truth that to create is to struggle. From conventions to retail sales and everything in between, there will always be obstacles in our way. This session shares strategies for dealing with them.

A Special Invitation to Join Club ComixLaunch

The doors to Club ComixLaunch on Patreon are now open! Club ComixLaunch is a way to help us continue and expand on the ComixLaunch mission, and add even more value for creators like you who are looking to harness the power of crowdfunding to bring creative projects to life. Membership has its privileges, and Club ComixLaunch members may receive: Shout outs to you and your projects on the show. Access to bonus lessons on the Club Exclusive Patreon Feed, A VIP INSIDER Bonus resource (Guide, cheat sheet, checklist, video, template, etc.) designed to help you launch, Advance looks at future ComixLaunch books and resources, and much more!
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Join the Club and Get Your Welcome Kit

056  – Patreon Launch #1: Kickstarter vs Patreon (Which is Right for You?)

Last month, more than $6 million dollars in monthly recurring funding was raised for creators like us via the Patreon platform. It’s time we looked a little closer at this growing crowdfunding platform. Are you ready for Patreon Launch? In this first part of the series, Tyler breaks down the differences between Kickstarter and Patreon, with the help of special guest Jason Brubaker.

054 – 10 Simple Tips to Prep Your Facebook Page for a Kickstarter Launch

Regardless of what you’re trying to create, your audience is on Facebook. As such, if there’s one platform you should be leveraging to grow your audience, it’s the house that Zuck’s built. In this session, you’ll learn 10 super simple tips to maximize the power of your Facebook page to get you ready to launch your next Kickstarter.

053 – How to Title Your Kickstarter Project to Maximize Funding: Titling Master Class [Part 2 of 2]

Many creators don’t give much thought to their Kickstarter project title… and that’s a big mistake. In this session, Tyler shares a great project naming formula that many successful creators have used to maximize funding for their projects, and loads of examples of projects with strong titles. Listen to this show, and you’ll know how to title your project for maximum funding.

ComixLaunch Bonus 003: [Income Report] 2016 Q1 & Q2

Hard to believe it, but 2016 is more than half over already! In this bonus session, Tyler peels back the curtain and reviews ComixLaunch’s progress towards its yearly goals. He also opens the books and breaks down every dollar that came in and went out for the ComixLaunch business in Q1 and Q2 2016. Also covered: the 3 levers any creative business can play with to improve profitability. Finally, he shares his action plan for making Q3 &Q4 even more successful, and a bonus featured resource creators should check out.

050  – SuperShow! 50 Kickstarter Tips from 50 Outstanding Creators

The biggest ComixLaunch ever! In this session, you’ll hear fifty outstanding creators who have collectively raised millions of dollars on Kickstarter share their #1 crowdfunding tip. Get access to proven strategies from Greg Pak, Jason Brubaker, John Lee Dumas, Amy Chu, and many, many more. Plus, Tyler is joined by co-host Jeremy Melloul to cover highlights from the first 50 sessions of ComixLaunch, including the top 5 most downloaded shows. Then they’ll look forward to what’s in store for the next 50 sessions, including a big announcement. Oh, and there’s a big ComixLaunch Supershow Bundle Giveaway for listeners to enter as well. This one is HUGE!

049  – Kickstarter Co-promotion the Right Way

Want to add energy, backers, and funding to your campaign and build your standing in the Kickstarter community at the same time? In this session, Tyler breaks down a step-by-step Kickstarter co-promotion strategy that will create a win-win-win for you, your backers, and your fellow Kickstarter creators.

047 – Meet the Next Generation of Comic Creator Crowdfunders with Tessa Beatrice of Fury’s Forge

Great news, ComixLaunch listeners… despite what you read on the internet, the future of comics is in wonderful hands. In this session, Tyler talks to a young comic creator who recently won a $1,000 entrepreneurship competition for her diversity focused publishing line, and has launched a Kickstarter for her new series, Fury’s Forge, this month. Oh, and she’s still in high school.

046 – Ask ComixLaunch #3: How to Handle Unsolicited Offers to Promote Your Kickstarter on Social Media for a Fee?

The ComixLaunch mailbag is open again! Tyler shares his savvy new strategy to deal with the onslaught of unsolicited offers to help promote your Facebook campaign. Plus: Can you share your project on the ComixLaunch Facebook page,and more importantly should you? Should you mail my backers pledges in alphabetical order? And should you share reviews for your comic on your Kickstarter page?