044 – 5 Killer Tips to Crush the Last 48 Hours of Your Kickstarter

Yes, having an explosive launch to your Kickstarter project is important… but so too is finishing strong. In this must-listen to session, Tyler breaks down his 5 best tactics for closing with a bang, with examples pulled from his latest and greatest Kickstarter launch. If you’re running a Kickstarter campaign right now, you can’t afford NOT to listen to this one.

042 – Putting Skin in the Game with Dirk Manning of Tales of Mr. Rhee

Kickback and be a fly on the wall with this frank crowdfunding discussion with Dirk Manning, writer of Nightmare World and The Tales of Mr. Rhee, and author of the book Write or Wrong: A Writer’s Guide to Creating Comics, as he an Tyler discuss the importance of putting enough skin in the game when running a Kickstarter and building a career.

Special Invitation: The ComixLaunch Workshop

In this live workshop, ComixLaunch host Tyler James will break down seven key steps to making your first or next Kickstarter launch a hit. Drawing on his personal experience successfully funding eight Kickstarter projects and an analysis of every comic book Kickstarter launched between 2014-15, this workshop is loaded with actionable information. Q&A to follow.

036 – Is BackerClub a SCAM?

Tyler investigates BackerClub, a community of frequent crowdfunders that offers promotional opportunities for Kickstarter creators. Is BackerClub a legitimate marketing vehicle for creators, or is it scam creators and backers alike should avoid like the plague? This session will help inform you in order to make your own intelligent decision.

035 – Digital First, Kickstarter Second with Chris Lewis

In 2016, there’s no one way to launch a new comic series… in fact, the options are more varied than ever. In this session, Tyler discusses Chris Lewis’ experiences publishing on Comixology, in the direct market through IDW, and on Kickstarter, as well as his experience with Andy Schmidt’s Comics Experience.

030 – The One Dollar Kickstarter Goal Strategy

What are the pros and cons of launching a Kickstarter campaign with a $1 goal? In this session, Tyler will give you his opinion on this “Dollar goal strategy” which is more common than you might think, and more importantly, will tell you what cold hard Kickstarter data says about its efficacy.

029 –  Kickstarter Affiliate Marketing with Kickbooster

Tyler breaks down an exciting conversation he had with the co-founder of Kickbooster, a new service that empowers and rewards your backers, fans, and affiliates for promoting your Kickstarter campaign. This just might be the “dead zone” cure Kickstarter creators have been searching for.