Tyler opens the ComixLaunch mailbag and answers listener’s biggest questions about launching an email list the right way.

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • When you should start a list for your comic project… and when your list should be for YOU?
  • How to handle multiple different audiences on your list?
  • Comparing email list building tech tools.
  • Plus: What you should be doing even if you don’t have anything to promote right now.

Questions Answered in this ComixLaunch Mailbag Episode…

1.) Should I start my list for ME or my comic?

2.) What if I have multiple audiences I’m trying to serve?

3.) What websites should we try to gain an audience on that aren’t primarily artist based (like deviantart/tumblr)?

4.) What tech tools should I use? Can you tell me a better distinction between TinyLetter v Mailchimp?

5.) I live in Scotland. Is the list building advice the same for me?

6.) What if I might not be ready for this?

7.) What if I don’t have anything to promote right now?

8.) What if I don’t think it’ll work for me?

9.) Can you build my list for me?

Links Mentioned

ConvertKit – This is the email list service I use and recommend. Get a 30 Day Free Trial at ComixLaunch.com/convertkit

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • Why good projections are necessary to run an effective creative business?
  • How the type of project affects your Kickstarter funding potential?
  • The elements of your platform and which areas will convert the best for your next campaign?
  • Should you expect to reach a new audience by being on Kickstarter? It’ll depend on this…
  • Plus: Get an exact projection YOUR next Kickstarter project by using the new free ComixLaunch Comic Book Calculator Tool at ComixLaunch.com/calculator


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Take a minute and think about what creative projects you were working on 1 year ago? 3 years ago? And 5 years ago?

Check your journal, blog, Facebook, Twitter, or email to jog your memory.

What’s changed about your creative projects? What’s stayed the same?

Invite to share insights @ comixlaunch.com/voicemail or in an email [email protected]


Building a large and engaged email list is the key to launching successfully on Kickstarter and beyond. So why are so many creators still procrastinating on starting or growing their list? This mini-training episode will break down the myths and mistakes that are keeping you from a bigger fan list and a better relationship with your audience.

Highlights of this Session Include:

  • Why an email list beats social media when it comes to funding your projects?
  • If you don’t have a big email list, it’s probably one of these three reasons…
  • Three big mindset mistakes that paralyze creators from starting and growing their email lists… and how to crush them.
  • Do This Today! An easy email you can and should send right away to get you engaging with your list, no matter how big or small.
  • Plus: A special anniversary invitation to join ListLaunch!

Links Mentioned



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