In this session, Tyler shares all the revenue streams for his creative business, as well as all the expenses required to keeping ComixTribe and ComixLaunch running, so that hopefully you can get some new ideas for sources of income… or ways to spend it!

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • All of the ways that the ComixTribe business generated revenue in 2020.
  • The revenue streams that completely dried up for ComixTribe in 2020.
  • The many, many, MANY expenses that go into running ComixTribe and ComixLaunch.
  • Plus: One big Kickstarter tip that could save you big at tax time.

Today’s Session is Brought to You by…

…the ComixLaunch Masterclass, learn my 4 Step Framework for a Profitable Comic Book Kickstarter Launch when you sign up for this new FREE training at

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I sold the first comic I created when I was 14 years old out of my backpack in high school to a classmate for a crisp one dollar bill…

…It was the greatest feeling in the world!

And here I am, several decades later, still chasing that feeling.

Now that ComixTribe has printed hundreds of thousands of books and distributed them all over the globe, it would be easy for me to make “selling a comic” not a big deal at all.

But the fact that I get to work with creators on their launches every single month inside of ComixLaunch Pro, many of whom are selling their very first book (to a whole lot more people, for way more money than I did) means I never get too far away from the excitement of that first book launch.

Knowing what it means to not only hold a book you created in your own hands but to see hundreds of fans from around the globe hold it in theirs after a successful launch is why I’m just as passionate about teaching Kickstarter strategies today as I was when I first opened the doors to ComixLaunch Pro a few years back.

And speaking of TODAY…

I’m delivering a ~60 minute masterclass all about launching profitable Kickstarter campaigns to fund your comic projects.

Instead of peppering you with random tricks and tactics or the stuff you can easily Google, in this all-new masterclass, I’ll be outlining my entire proven framework for Kickstarter success.

This is the same framework I’ve used to raise over half a million dollars on Kickstarter to fund ComixTribe publishing projects.

And it’s the same framework that has helped ComixLaunch Pro creators raise over a million dollars (and counting…) in funding for their projects.

Now, some of you know that the next step for you to level up as a creator and crowdfunded is to join my program and community,

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So go to to select the time that works best for you and register today.

See you there!

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What’s one new revenue stream you hope to add in your creative business over the next year?

After consecutive failed Kickstarters, a friend asked if his brand is irrevocably ruined? And, if not, what should he do to course correct? In this session, Tyler answers his questions and provide a plan for him to move forward!

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • The truth about what failure on Kickstarter actually means.
  • What really causes irrevocable damage to one’s brands?
  • Why stopping what’s working is a big trap for successful creators.
  • Plus: Some questions to ask yourself when battling with the man (or woman) in the mirror.

Today’s Session is Brought to You by:

Break: Run The World’s First Ever Full Length Glow-In-The-Dark Comic. Go to to download a 24 page preview or go to Kickstarter now to order your copy!

More About our Sponsor:

BREAK:RUN is the World’s First Full Length GLOW IN THE DARK Comic.

This awesome new book is by my friend Nima Asfar an exciting talent who
Brendan McCarthy, co-creator Mad Max Fury Road, describes as “A perfect blend of manga, sci-fi, Mad Max and an extra something that makes Nima a new creator to watch.”

On the deep space colony of Argos, Branko witnessed a horrific massacre.

It’s about to happen again, and he’s the only one who can stop it.

But his enemies have put a bounty on his head and time is running out.

With content and pacing like an episode of The Mandalorian, this post-apocalyptic cyberpunk glow-in-the-dark comic is made in the spirit of Akira, Mad Max and Seven Samurai.

For a closer look, go to to download a 24 page preview
Or search for BREAK:RUN live on Kickstarter now!

ComixLauncher [291]

Think of a time that you failed and that, in hindsight, that failure was a good thing.

Writer/artist Nima Afshar launched the world’s first full length glow-in-the-dark comic on Kickstarter. In this session, we’ll talk about creating specialty comics and prints, how a fan comic helped Nima get his comics career rolling, first launch challenges and more!

Highlights of This Session Include:

  • How the heck you actually make a full lenght glow-in-the-dark comic and why Nima did it!
  • When to keep your ideas to yourself and when to share them as a creator.
  • How making a fan comic helped Nima get rolling as a comic creator.
  • Plus: How to up the value of your prints.

This Session is Sponsored By:

Comic Impressions, a US based comic and graphic novel printer specializing in BOTH small digital AND large offset print runs. Go to to to submit a quote or request a FREE printing sample and when you mention ComixLaunch you’ll get 5% off your next order!

Today’s Featured Guest:

Nima Afshar is a writer, artist and comic creator playing in the worlds of cyberpunk, sci-fi and weird fiction. Trained as a graphic designer and trained as a painter at the National Art School in Sydney, Australia, his current online home base is, where you can downloads some free comics. He’s recently launched his first Kickstarter project, BREAK:RUN which is the world’s first full-length glow-in-the-dark comic, which is fully funded and stretching with a couple weeks to go.

Links Mentioned in Today’s Show:

Check out BREAK:RUN on Kickstarter here:

Download some of Nima’s work at

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Hey, have you heard of Comic Impressions yet?

I’m really excited about this comic and graphic novel printer that can service comic orders big and small, digital and off-set.

And because they’re located in the United States, they can get most of my listeners their books fast!

While new to comic scene, this printing company has been in the business of expertly putting ink on paper for over 30 years.

Comic Impressions is already printing books for successful Kickstarter creators and direct market publishers like Scout Comics, and they recently knocked the first printing project I sent sent their way for ComixTribe out of the park!

Comic Impressions is one of the few comic printers using the HP Indigo 12000 Digital Press which lets them digitally print comics that nearly indistinguishable from offset print runs at affordable prices, even for smaller runs.

Seriously, I’m a big print quality snob and these are some of the best digitally printed books I’ve ever flipped through.

But don’t take my word for it… what I want you to do is go right now and request a COMPLIMENTARY sample pack from ComicImpressions Team at

I asked Rich Boye at Comic Impressionsto put together a bunch of FREE sample packs for ComixLaunch listeners showcasing both their digital and offset printing capabilities and ship them at no charge to creators who ask for them… and he said no problem.

I know you’re going to be impressed.

And while you’re at it, if submit a quote for your next printing project and I think you’re going to find there pricing extremely competitive as well.

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Head over to today.

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Come up with 10 ideas that could complete the sentence: “I’m going to launch the world’s first __.”

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