013 – Digital Only Kickstarters Down Under with Ryan K Lindsay

In this session with writer Ryan K Lindsay (Negative Space, Deer Editor), the topic is the pros and cons of digital only reward Kickstarter campaigns. This session will be especially valuable to creators outside of the United States interested in discover whether or not Kickstarter is a good platform for them.

011 – What Went Wrong in Riverdale? 4 Problems with the Archie Comics Kickstarter

Earlier this year, Archie Comics launched a massive Kickstarter campaign to help relaunch Riverdale for a modern audience. Just five days later, they shut the campaign down after backlash from the comic book industry. On today’s episode, Tyler James and co-host Jeremy Melloul discuss exactly what went wrong in Riverdale, and more importantly, talk about the important lessons creators can learn from Archie’s failed Kickstarter.

008 – Promoting Your Kickstarter at Comic Conventions

What are the pros and cons of promoting your Kickstarter at comic book conventions? What are the best strategies for converting con attendees into happy backers? When is the best time to promote your Kickstarter at live-events like conventions? Tyler James discusses all this and more in this episode of ComixLaunch!